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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Laser Design Inc. (LDI), the leading supplier of 3D laser scanners for more than 20 years, has signed on as an exclusive authorized reseller of North Star Imaging, Inc.’s (NSI) innovative M500 and M5000 Computed Tomography (CT) scanners in North America and Southeast Asia.  

CT scanning is an ideal measurement method in many different industries for inspection of extremely complex parts and assemblies too difficult to measure with conventional touch probe or line-of-sight vision-based scanning technologies.  The speed and precision make CT scanning a viable option for non-destructive testing of production line and critical components. Laser Design’s manufacturing services branch, GKS Global Services, offers customers the option of sending parts in for scanning services, or of purchasing their own CT scanning system.

The M500-CT is a five-axis universal Computed Tomography System designed for inspecting medium-sized M500 CT Scanning Systemobjects. The moderate scan envelope makes it ideally suited for multiple small objects and larger objects up to 24” in size.   The M5000-CT is a seven-axis universal x-ray imaging Computed Tomography System designed inspecting large objects with a flat panel digital plate.  The 5000 Series has an innovative top load cabinet design for easy part loading.  It can accommodate a variety of part shapes, sizes and weights.  The NSI systems are designed to meet all state and federal safety regulations with their seamless steel/lead/steel construction.

CT scanning can completely capture the complex internal geometry of parts without having to open them up mechanically.  Visual access is not required for CT scanning so the process is very thorough and non-destructive.  These CT scanning systems are known as some of the fastest in the industry, generating complete 3D CT scans in 5 minutes, with the unique ability to combine top of the line X-Ray tubes and digital detectors with NVIDIA powered super computers and an extremely efficient GPU-based efx software. All drives are variable speed and joystick controlled and each axis control is independent allowing simultaneous movement of all axes.

M 5000 CT Scanning System NSI will be distributing through Laser Design’s network of GKS Global Service Bureaus to demonstrate and provide contract scanning services and support utilizing the NSI CT technology. Combined with GKS’s expert 3D scan data processing capabilities for both inspection and reverse engineering, NSI’s clients can quickly utilize the CT scans of their parts via comparison of the scans to original CAD models along with feature measurements for inspection or development of CAD Models from the CT scan data output as parametric solids, parasolids, surface CAD models, .STL or other formats.

“Laser Design has been looking for a top-notch CT manufacturer to partner with,” said C. Martin Schuster, President of Laser Design.  “NSI has a reputation for quality, high-accuracy systems unrivaled in the industry. Laser Design has striven since its inception to provide the best, highest-accuracy 3D laser scanning technology in the market, so when the opportunity arose to become a distributor partner with NSI, we jumped at it.  We look forward to using the synergies between our technologies and our companies to expand our capabilities for scanning almost any industrial product imaginable with 3D high precision.”

For those companies whose CT scanning needs are occasional, GKS Global Services, Laser Design’s service division, offers CT scanning services, available at their locations worldwide. The NSI X-ray Computed Tomography non-destructive technology allows GKS metrologists to scan complex parts with internal geometry thoroughly and at the highest possible accuracies. Our expert metrologists also provide you with excellent quality data processing and modeling work.

About Laser Design, Inc. / GKS Global Services

Laser Design, Inc., and GKS Global Services have been leading suppliers of ultra-precise, 3D laser scanning systems, along with CT scanning, dimensional inspection, 3D laser scanning, and long-range scanning services for over 25 years.  Our engineers can assist with product development and design, rapid prototyping, and complete contract manufacturing services.  GKS also offers rental equipment and expertise to customers with the occasional 3D scanning project. 

For further information, contact Laser Design at 952-884-9648 or request an online quote.


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